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Updated: Apr 11

I’m way overdue posting about this but at the start of the year, I’ve been sharing some collaborative calendars and lists that I’ve always had for those who might need them to. If you hop on my SHOP, there’s loads of free stuff there for you to put in your cart and pay for absolutely nothing at all!

The June calendar features masculine elements drawn and painted by talented Sab Palmares who does most of my artworks. This is in honor of Father’s Day. All my calendars feature the new and full moon along with the Christian and Philippine Holidays and a note-taking area on the right. Click the image below to put this in your cart for the rest of the month’s reminders 🙂

And then in the SHOP, I have all sorts of Mom Lists, namely:

A Skincare Products Checklist (it features a list of basic skincare items you might want to have or need with space provisions to write down what you specifically used the last time or want to try the next time you need to replenish); A Skincare Routine Checklist (for those who get confused on what goes first and what to do when);

A Makeup Kit Contents List (there are lists here: one for your full makeup kit if you’re a collector and an on-the-go kit , commonly called your daily kikay kit so that you don’t lug around a full bag of makeup everyday!)

Baby Food Checklist (I used this list to make sure I have a good variety of meals for both Roux and Paco and that I’ve made them try as much types of food within what’s adiseable for their age as they slowly got introduced to solid food. They’re happy eaters so far!)

Playtime Ideas (these lists are a combination of types of play that I used way back from when Mio was a baby — a 14 year old list, so to speak! And then a list of weekly themes that I shuffle or invent a set of activities, tools or a sort of at-home curriculum to play with based on these themes. I’ve relayed this list to our household too so that every time they are left to play with the kids, they’re also mindful of what to highlight instead of doing things repeatedly — as we all tend to do when there’s just so much going on! — and they find that they, too aren’t as bored as they would usually be. For the music, I remember with Mio that as simple as changing up the CDs I play during his naptime seemed to benefit him later on. I used to specifically play Bach on Mondays, Vivaldi on Tuesdays, Mozart on Wednesday, Chopin on Thursdays and Beethoven on Fridays. Mio doesn’t like Math so much but he seems to be getting by. Hehe! And his taste for music seem to be more specific than mine).

Packing a Baby Bag (again, 2 lists. One for just Going Out with the Baby so it’s more compact. And another, Going on a Trip with the Baby for a more comprehensive list. What I realized I didn’t include here are extension cords and water heaters ! So manually add those to this list along with your personal must-haves if you wish!)

And then finally, this month’s list is our usual Grocery & Palengke List. I’ve divided them into such because we find that meats and vegetables are cheaper in the market than in the grocery stores. So when we have the time, we divide the lists of TO BUY into these separate lists for different days or shopping trips. We like buying from Farmers Market in Cubao but when we can’t find the time to tread the extra hours and still want to go for quality meats, we go to Merkado in UP Town Center since we’re Quezon City based. What’s your go-to palengke? The reason I decided to share this list this month is because our padre de pamilya is uniquely in-charge of our food allocation and meal planning. He’s successfully delegated that work to our all-around household helper, Gen who is an expert at making fried chicken and sinigang but still… the budget approvals for our twice a month grocery trips are up to him. How often do you do the grocery in your household?

And then I also have a bunch of desktop and mobile wallpapers there inspired by the ones Glossier have on their site!

Let me know what you think or what other lists you might like? Thanks!

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