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If you’re reading my blog, it’s very likely that it’s because you’re getting married and wondering how I do my bridal makeup. So while you’re taking a look, let me share with you some snippets of ideas of how some of the many weddings I’ve been to for the past 13 years are like.

Starting off with Eileen’s. According to her,

“After 3 make up trials that didn’t go to my liking, I almost went the DIY route and did my own make up for our wedding. Almost.

My friend Michelle convinced me to try out Jasmine, and I booked her without a trial. I was so glad I did- especially on the day of our wedding. See, I had spent the entire previous day setting up for our wedding, and when I changed for dinner, I found that I had turned lobster red. I spent the night before my wedding slathering on aloe Vera hoping desperately that the redness would disappear. Imagine, a red skinned bride in her all white wedding! 

Jasmine calmly took charge and transformed me into a bride and my red sunburn into a glow. I had utmost peace of mind when I was in her make up chair, and my trust was well rewarded- I came out looking like how I wish I always looked! So thank you, Jasmine! Please don’t ever move to the beach.”

What I absolutely love about Eileen’s wedding though was that they did everything by themselves, just the way they wanted it: from flower arrangements for tables and the entourage of leaves they personally picked out from Dangwa, to laying them out on the table rentals, hanging the light bulbs and printing their invitations — it all turned out beautifully! And the very simple but touching wedding present she got from her now-husband, Migs Banal was to die for — not a bag or expensive jewelry… he wrote her letters on reserve for when they’re apart, when they fight, when they have their first baby…. and many milestones they will surely spend together. Now say it with me… “awww…”

Photos by Erwin Leyros

Hairstyling by Marie Tan

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