• Jasmine Mendiola

Christmas Wishes

I hope that everyone is having a Merry Christmas! Even merrier than how we’ve spent the holidays so far. My family attended a Christmas Party with Dr. Allan Racho’s 100++ cancer patients including those who have already survived and recovered from leukemia last Dec. 18 Some friends from my industry particularly director Sid Maderazo and his family and celebrities Andi Eigennman and Solenn Heussaff attended the morning affair and made the kids (and their families too!) so so happy!

And someone from the land down under (and plenty old friends my high school alma mater) played Santa to Mio this Christmas. Thank you Tita Helen for granting his earnest wish. We truly are blessed and Christmas will never be the same now that the true meaning of Jesus’ birth cannot be clearer. The spirit of generosity and family is shining at its best these days. Happy Holidays everyone and looking forward to a healthier 2011! 😀

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