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Christmas Wish List

This year, we thought of something different to do for Mio’s Christmas Wish List. We have a rule at home, when his toys don’t fit his toy chest anymore, it means he has to give some away already. With some hesitation, he obliges. So when I asked him what he wanted to receive as gifts this Christmas, he thought about it for a while. This was my opportunity to introduce a new concept to him, so I said, “How about this year, instead of asking for toys, since you already have a lot of those, we make a book registry for you in Fullybooked. You’ll get to pick out all the books and items you like, then when people are thinking about what to get for you for Christmas, they can just choose from the ones you listed down, and you’ll be sure to love what they get you because you picked those out. How does that sound?” I waited with abated breathe, and then he said “Ok!”

Since December is right around the corner, we’re aiming to get his list done by the end of November. He’s so excited to start making his book registry. I can’t deny that I’m also very excited for him because I’ve been trying to hone his love for reading. To be honest, when I was his age, it wasn’t my strong point either, but now that I’m older, I realize the value of it and I’m slowly picking up the pace. So as early as now, I want him to get into the habit of reading more. With all the technology surrounding kids these days, the idea of picking up a book seems more and more alien to them and I would hate for him to miss out on the opportunity to enjoy flipping through pages and discovering new things for himself, the old fashioned way.

So for the Santas out there thinking about a little something for the little guy, we would really appreciate if you could check out the list of “personalized gifts for him” in any Fullybooked stores once we get the list out.

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