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Christmas & Children

Nevermind the hustle and bustle of the adult reunions left and right. Christmas is for kids and it’s all that matters!

When we told Mio the big secet about the man behind Christmas, he wasn’t devastated at all. It happened last year when his only Christmas wish was an insanely expensive wii. I had to tell him that once upon a time, a man named St. Nick wanted to remind kids about the true meaning of Christmas so he went around and gave prents to children. (luckily, a nice Fil-Aussie lady played Santa last year).

God gave his son to us on a beautiful Christmas morn. And we have our children to remind us of our wonderful childhood too. It’s a great way to bring family and frends together and no tragedy or flood can dampen the spirits of those who believe in the spirit of the holidays.

Mio hand-picked his Sendong donations and when we said another boy wanted a Lightning McQueen toy from the first movie, it was his idea to also include one of his.

When I was younger, The only times I could buy a new dress was during my birthday and Christmas and I always had an outfit planned in my head! No child wouldn’t want to stand out so Kids of Bayo‘s Holiday 2011 Collection of quirky color-blocked pieces should definitely be on your wish list for your kids or part of one of their reunion presentation ensembles! (case in point, today’s reunion assigns ladies in floral outfits and the boys in plaid!)

POPS OF COLOR Break the yuletide monotone (of jewel tones or black, red, green or white) with these shades of fun!

Jaycee blazer, Php795

Diane shorts, Php645

Casey top, Php645 & Remy shorts, Php695/ Php725

Mardi jacket, P825/ Php875 & Tiani dress, P825/ Php 875


Mix ’em or curve ’em — these lines are far from just going in one boring direction.

Lorin dress, P895

Naila dress, P875

Breigh jacket, P1,095 and Atarah t-shirt, P545

Dhara t-shirt & Jam jacket, P895


Even if you’d have them play and run around, I’d let the girls be girls. It’s Christmas after all! (put the boys in something extra special too like collared shirts or fancier jackets to change it up)

Mya blouse, P875 & Rexanne shorts, P745

Nadja dress, P895

Cyrin blouse, P645 & Oni skirt, P645

 Martinique romper, P895

Merry Christmas everyone! 😀



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