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Cause of Art

Mio wants to be an artist. I’d actually joke after he’d say that, “like Mom, a makeup artist?” Haha.

And I absolutely have no words to describe how grateful I am that people from all walks of life would extend themselves to Mio.

If you’re a techy fanatic, check out our write up here.

If you’re an art advocate and would like to invest your money in good pieces that will definitely make it big, while supporting young talent and a good cause, why don’t you look these up:


Ala & her friend Gee, who I have yet to thank for have decided to sell some of their artworks to help with Mio’s medication. It tuly means a lot to me and inspires me to allow Mio to pursue his hobby. I am hoping that he grows up to draw inspiration from these good-hearted artists.

I truly appreciate these artists would just like to help. I hope you support their endeavors as much as they’ve supported our cause:

Its a small world and it goes around. Mio and I will pay it forward someday, soon as we make it out of here. Thanks to you. 🙂



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