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Cars R Us

There’s very little to say these days. Not that there’s nothing to talk about. All I do when I’m with my friends the few times I get to hang out with them is talk about Mio’s tiny quirks and remarks about the most mundane things he experiences in life. It’s a relief that things seem normal and that cancer is almost a figment of our imagination. It is real. Yet the realities of life feel so much lighter given this perspective.

Mio has always been a Cars (Lightning McQueen) fan. Perhaps which is why he’s inclined to red more than the color blue to be his favorite color. He lights up everytime he watches it on tv, finds stickers and is given a gift related to the character. He has listed down a few names he’d like to have of different characters from the movie (coz as you’d know, he’s not allowed to buy a toy until he gets a hundred toy — although he has revealed that his grandparents still gives him every now and then) and won’t budge when he finds the latest issue of the Cars magazine to be out in the bookstore.

He’s always wanted to be part of it. So he asked for a photo shoot with all his Cars things to finally submit a photo of him with the many many gifts he has received from all over! Can you guess which one you gave? Thank you everyone. You make Mio so happy, as you can see 🙂


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