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Brave Today

Mio finally shaved his head today. The entire time after lunch was under the scorching heat of the sun as we attended a beautiful girl’s birthday party. Yet Mio refused to take his spongebob cap off because he was embarrassed, he said.

It was quick yet it was tearful.

He was pouting his lips the entire time the men were hovering his perspired head. He kept asking if we can go already. A tear rolled on his cheek and he asked me, “when will my hair grow back Mom?”

I assured him that by the time he turns six years old in April, he’ll have hair on his head again. “Are you sure Mom?”

I hugged him from behind as he was sitting on my lap the entire time. Another guy was blowing cold air on him so I had to cover his eyes. I couldn’t help it. A tear rolled down my cheek as well. And the rest of the salon was probably wondering why I was crying over a haircut. Unless they knew that my son had cancer.

“Mom! You’re making my head cold!”

That’s a perk I think of having him bald. More kisses. More love. It does signal that its all going to be over soon.

Oh! And I suddenly remembered he had a mole on his head. Hihi.


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