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I get so frustrated when I miss something. I remember the time when I can memorize 48 pages of a script for me to perform a live monologue over 20 times in a span of 3 months and never miss a bit. Felt like eons ago now that I think about it. My mind is just not as sponge-like as it was in my early 20s after 3 kids and a lifetime of endless to dos.

So I write everything down. In this day and age, with Google calendars syncing (Paolo and I have about 20 calendars: for his gigs, for our shoots, for makeup schedules with each hairstylist that automatically syncs with them too, for the household helpers’ days off, for each child, for bills…) even the laundry and grocery day has to be in the calendar lest we forget! A desk calendar, though seemingly redundant with the Google Calendar we have on our phones greatly helps show me that if it doesn’t fit in that page/ box, I probably can’t accomplish it within that time. Writing it down also helps make it stick. I also write one down to post on our ref so that I won’t have to keep telling the same story of how our schedule for this week will be like again and again to the kids and the helpers, or even Pao.

This system has been tried-and-tested since I was 14. I have ALWAYS had a calendar, a planner and an organizer. I work with a full calendar like the one below and then have a weekly calendar and a daily schedule. Writing it down helps me sort of “memorize” it and I hardly need to look at it. But in the often chaotic day-to-day rigors, I find myself taking a peak and thanking the high heavens, that “I remembered to write that one down or else I couldn’t have done that!”

So if you’d like one for yourself (to print and use on your own desk this month or just download and use as a nice desktop in your laptop), click THIS.

Meanwhile, I have this advocacy of making sure that at least with my clients, I instill a sense of self care and that easily begins with a regimen for the largest organ in your body — your skin.

I came up with this list because its the list I usually run-through during my Hygiene 101 or Image Consultation Classes at John Robert Powers or with my personal clients, and is the same list I look back at when I take everything in consideration before I actually touch a client’s face. The Skincare Products list is not just a “you have to buy these!” list. It’s actually more like a checklist to help you take in account what you have, don’t have and what you have but don’t use! I, personally, shuffle it up. I seldom stick to a specific brand of each item, constantly looking for what works best for me at different times of the year or when my skin feels more stressed (I’d love to say “or when I travel” but I’ve hardly done any traveling really! Who am I kidding, right? You might so that applies to you. Hehe) . The Skincare Routine List is like a “schedule” that I give out to my brides-to-be to prep their skin before the big day. It really helps get them in a regimen. I always say that you follow these steps for at least 21 straight days and it won’t feel like such a chore anymore and you’ll realize how wonderful your skin feels after some time 🙂 of course, depending on your skin type, you might want to skip or change it up a bit but this list is more or less a good guide that works for a simple regimen. Download HERE if you want a copy to print and paste by your dresser/ bathroom mirror or keep as a reminder on your phone.

So I hope you like these! Tell me: what sort of list and what would you like to see in my next month’s calendar? Hope you saw that I put in lunar phases there so you can remember to set your inentions, remind yourself to manifest your dreams and cleanse/ energize your power tools AKA crystals or diffuse some oils!

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