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After Five

Mio’s turning 6 on Tuesday and for the longest time, I’ve been planning in my head that he’ll have an Easter celebration the Sunday before and celebrate it with other kids. I tried collaborating with other foundations but everyone had plans and I didn’t seem to have the funds to initiate such an event all by myself. The rest of the Miowarriors are fighting their own battles and I’m busy basking in gratitude that my son is recovering so so well.

We’re having a very laid back Easter Egg hunt (I googled images of easter eggs and I got these!) cut them out, and will stick them around the all new Pino Resto Bar at their new home along Malingap St. where the remaining prints of StART With Mio are still on display. I also got blank easter eggs the kids can color instead of them running around:

Mio’s artworks at the background. Photos of Pino by Snapshock Photography

We came from chemo yesterday and seems like he’s no longer used to the needles, he kept saying “owie!” again and again during CBC which showed a really good blood count. He also gained weight and grew taller. He’s 3 feet and 8 inches tall now!

His hair is slowly inching its way out and he never hid his bald head throughout this ordeal, I’m so proud of Mio. He’s been very resilient and still diligently taking his oral medication. Just a little more and I actually think he’ll start taking the full tablet without crushing it. Methatrexate is out of stock so we’re stuck with Mercaptopurine. The Prednisone dose is just enough so he eats a lot after every session and then he regains his normal appetite after, I really don’t know what its for but its yucky, he said.

On the other hand, I’ve been corresponding with several other parents who have kids with rare diseases and my heart bleeds for them. I hope they too receive the same kind of help. Please take some time to check out the following sites:

We Can Help Benjie is a project by my close friend, Kabbie Rodriguez. Her cousin is suffering from Lymphoma. I referred him to Mio’s doctor, Dr. Allan Racho and I was told by his secretary that Benjie’s medicines cost 125k per session. That’s a lot. More than what Mio needed and I’m hoping that a lot of you would help him. Buy a CD or contact them to donate stuff for sale at their garage sale. They’ve raised 20k and they need more. Benjie’s chemo is 6 cycles. 

Although Benjie has lived a full childhood, a teenager is struggling with his own monsters. Lets give Benjie a chance to live through them normally. He’s such a handsome boy, I can’t imagine how much pain he and his parents combined feel like. Mio is oblivious of the difficulty because being a child, I think his outlook about his treatments is easier to mask or accept. Benjie is faced with real decisions and hears, understand every complication, lets be kind and make it easier for him.

Hannah Ysabelle has Congenital Central Hypoventilation Syndrome. She’s two years old and is also a recipient of goodness. She already has her portable ventilator but still needs funds for operations, medicines and therapy. Her good nights are worry nights for her Mommy and Daddy as she tends to stop breathing while asleep. It is a nightmare. But we can help her. Carlo, her dad is a very talented artist and he has offered to make Mio Fights Cancer bags. We’re still working on the prototype to make it in time for the online store’s launch so it can be sold along Iggy’s icancervive baller bands, the mio shirts and the benjie cds. These bags will help Mio and Hannah simultaneously.

new logo design by Carlo Cordoviz for the bag

Come to think of it, Mio doesn’t have a specific birthday wish this year. Mostly because he thinks that when he asks too many things the thing he likes the most isn’t given. That’s what he said about Santa last christmas. hehe. Maybe its not too much to ask for all of you to check out or share these two stories so that the spirit of Easter–new life and new beginnings–truly rest in our hearts this Holy Week. Thank you 🙂


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