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Today is a celebration of many things that we ought to be grateful for….

Last night’s beautiful occasion hosted by Cafe La Carmel and Notecracker was serene and modest, the album is a beautiful collection of original Filipino craftsmanship and the artworks by the kids that were (hopefully) sold were truly inspiring, I can’t wait for Mio to make art like that! Thank you Jess.

Today, although we’re running late because Mio doesn’t seem to be in the mood or condition to go out is exciting my heart on a higher level of peacefulness. Kythe-Ateneo is currently conducting the I AM HOPE CAMPAIGN with several Ateneo organizations (Tanghalang Ateneo, my college org back then included) to mark a day that’ll bring the best efforts of those who care enough to make families stricken with cancer more aware of how they can combat this disease the bravest way they could. Activities are lined up the whole day as well as inspirational talks from various cancer organizations and celebrities, we are fortunate to speak in behalf of all the kind hearts that have contributed in the creative ways by which Mio and I are able to fight cancer with a smile on our faces, armed with a bagful of faith and an army of talented and wonderful people. It is a privilege we are happy to share with over 50 families today and like the IAH’s goal, place them on top of the world!

There will be food and game booths too to provide a day of leisure away from the usual DS and PSP games that these kids amuse theirselves with on a daily basis. A monitored interaction will also be provided thus enabling them to somehow have a semblance of the normal life they’re entitled to. Gifts and loot bags with bandanas and stuff will be given out.

If you’re not busy today, drop by the QC Circle Multi-purpose hall (disco area) this afternoon and share the love, bring hope and be part of a beautiful day. Check out http://theiamhopecampaign.multiply.com for more details.


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