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Hi, I'm Jasmine! I love everything glow-y and real Mom magic through crystals, natural remedies, tarot and tattoos. I advocate for self-care rituals, natural makeup and short veils for brides. Here you'll find my makeup work, how to book me for your wedding or an appointment; how I'm raising my leukemia survivor teenager, home-schooled daughter, active toddler, 7 cats and organize a household while "trying" to recreate recipes.


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A trained extrovert, Jasmine's energy exudes beyond physical manifestations. Her commanding presence may be her strongest suits in the most obvious way, but the beauty that she lives for has always come from a grounded appreciation of the self, honouring the innate good in every person she meets and harnessing a deep connection in the hopes of bringing out a magical, natural glow with every opportunity to highlight natural beauty from inside out, through purposeful products and inspiring conversations.

Bridal Beauty

Wedding Hair & Makeup

Over 5,000 faces and 500 brides in more than 15 years, each Jasmine Mendiola Bride had a distinct glow from within which is why hers is the bridal makeup most grooms approve.


Glowing Makeup

Beauty Moments

Jasmine's work aesthetic and brand equity has always gravitated towards the most natural looks that distinctly bring out an inner glow. Her work never hides and only enhances the best features of the subject. From long-wearing barely there to glammed up glowing skin, Jasmine is THE go-to natural glowing makeup artist for the job.

Grabbed this off _ricciosandy ‘s IG stor


Learn How to Get That Glow

If your wedding has been redesigned for a solemn gathering due to the unprescedented times, learn how to DIY your bridal hair and makeup according to your unique facets, available beauty tools and preferred look; Sign up for the How to Get Glowing Makeup Online course to learn a new skill, hone your hidden everyday makeup talents and find out what makeup suits your skin and lifestyle at your own pace; go all-out professional and pursue a career in Makeup Artistry with the MHPro AirGlow Masterclass; or maybe spend some ME time in soulful Soap-Making, Candle-Making or Self Love (online) Parties. Jasmine is your hostess with the mostest.

Yesterday’s #selfloveparty setup before



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